Hardware Vendors

We always welcome manufacturers and vendors of kiosk terminals to do business with us. We offer OEM programs and other business opportunities that help your kiosks sell even better.

Photo Kiosk is a great application to ship with off-the-peg kiosks. It offers the following benefits for the vendors of top-of-the-class digital order solutions:

  • Easy to install and to integrate
  • Has highly customizable graphical user interface
  • Perfectly fits into any screen with any resolution and aspect ratio – no adjustment is required
  • Has on-screen keyboard
  • Is easily localizable - all text captions are stored in an XML file
  • We offer customization services and individual terms for each respective hardware vendor

If you are interested, contact us by phone at 1.800.661.8190 or by e-mail.

What is Photo Kiosk

A software which turns a PC to the photo order station. Let your customers place photo orders in your store/shop easily!

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