Order Manager

Photo Kiosk Order Manager is an essential part of Photo Kiosk. As the name implies, it manages the files in the photo orders and distributes them into the folders of your choice.

Photo Kiosk Order Manager is absolutely necessary if you have multiple kiosks, all tossing orders into the same location.

Photo Kiosk Order Manager delivers nice benefits for your digital photo order solution:

  • It offers great flexibility in defining the folder structure for placing the orders. You may create virtually unlimited nesting folders and name them after the photo order details.
  • You can configure photo order file names as well. You can include any information related to the order into the file name, for example the print format, paper type, etc.
  • Photo Kiosk Order Manager installation is easier than ever. You just copy it to the required target location – that's all! It automatically creates the necessary folders and configuration file.
  • Photo Kiosk Order Manager is distributed absolutely for FREE. Unlike Photo Kiosk, Photo Kiosk Order Manager has no trial limitations. You cannot use it with anything other than Photo Kiosk anyway :)

Photo Kiosk Order Manager is installed along with Photo Kiosk. Please feel free to ask questions about the usage and best practices.

What is Photo Kiosk

A software which turns a PC to the photo order station. Let your customers place photo orders in your store/shop easily!

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