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Photo Kiosk product was discontinued

  • We will continue to develop and maintain our core products. However, some complementary products including Photo Kiosk are not feasible to maintain going forward, so we have decided to bring their development to an end. For further information please read this blog post.

Photo Kiosk 7.0 - 11/29/2012

  • Now Photo Kiosk warns a user if the photo is too small for a specified print size.
  • If a photo aspect ratio does not match to a print size, users can select a print area.
  • Thumbnails are automatically rotated based on a photo EXIF data.
  • Payment workflow is supported.
  • More flexible prices configuration:
    • Volume discounts.
    • Sales tax.
    • Different prices for instant and minilab prints.
  • Order management process now runs in background automatically.
  • Improved minilab support: Photo Kiosk can generate DPOF files for each order. Now you can print such orders in a DPOF-compatible minilab automatically.
  • Images can be automatically converted to JPEG.

Photo Kiosk 2.5.4 - 12/7/2010

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the problem with burning files to CD/DVD.

Photo Kiosk 2.5 - 7/8/2010

New Features

  • Possibility to burn images to CD/DVD.
  • Ability to fulfill orders on a built-in or network photo printer.
  • The image editor or particular transformations from the image editor can be disabled.
  • Now Order ID can be both auto-generated and user-specified.
  • Phone number field can be hidden on the users' details page.
  • Configuration Tool saves changes by CTRL+S shortcut.
  • Now Photo Kiosk searches for photos on all available CD/DVD drives and removable media when the Source path parameter is not initialized.

Bug Fixes

  • Order Info control calculates paper format prices and total cost properly.

Photo Kiosk 2.1.1 - 4/8/2010

New Features

  • Now users can specify folders on inserted media where Photo Kiosk will search for photos.
  • Possibility to print detailed receipts after users complete their orders.
  • Now callbacks are available. Any application can be run when a user starts, cancels or completes an order. This way an order can be processed right after it is submitted by user.
  • Now multiple Photo Kiosks can save orders to the same folder.

Bug Fixes

  • Photo Kiosk configuration errors are handled correctly in both Photo Kiosk and Configuration Tool.
  • Fixed a number of problems with configuring prices and crop parameters in Configuration Tool.
  • Now Order Manager does not process an order, which is not yet completed by Photo Kiosk.
  • ... a number of various minor bug fixes.

Photo Kiosk 2.0 - 10/26/2008

New Features

  • Possibility to upload photos to a kiosk via Bluetooth. Rapid processing of huge photos in Image Editor.
  • New image editing operations: color correction, applying effects, red-eye removal.
  • Customizable appearance.
  • Configurable crop buttons.
  • Possibility to specify one of available crop modes for the entire order: Crop to Fit into Format and Preserve Aspect Ratio.
  • Configuration Tool gets new tabbed interface.
  • Configuration Tool now includes the license key registration functionality.
  • Order Manager gets a renovated interface.
  • Now Order Manager can run order processing in background mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Photo Kiosk does not fail during photo editing.
  • Fixed the problem with being unable to view or edit photos saved in Image Editor as new.
  • Fixed problems with creating, removing and overflowing Photo Kiosk event log.
  • Photo Kiosk does not fail if portable storage media is unexpectedly removed.
  • ... a number of various minor bug fixes.

What is Photo Kiosk

A software which turns a PC to the photo order station. Let your customers place photo orders in your store/shop easily!

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